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Ant Farm Ponerinae House

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The gypsum-acrylic farm (Ponerinae House) is ideal for the ants of the ponerinae ants subfamily (venator, monticola, diacamma, saltator, myrmecia, rufipes, etc.) or any other types of large ants capable of living in a cast. It is possible to inhabit from several ants to several hundred, since three large, deep sections are made in the gypsum block.

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The kit includes:
1. Spare fasteners (latches, bolt, nut);
2. Two tubes of different diameters for colonization/relocation of ants;
3. Substrate (formicaria filler)
4. Auto-Humidification system

The formicarium is made of high-quality acrylic (3 mm thick) without elements interfering with the view, there are two holes, for connecting an incubator or other formicaria and for connecting an Auto-Humidification system.

The formicary is completely portative, the plaster block is made of high strength plaster for artwork, there is access to the nest, since acrylic or ordinary glass on the gypsum block is removable.

Dimensions of formicaria: 20.5x20.5x10 cm.
Gypsum block size: 20x9x2.5 cm.
Depth of the living section in a gypsum block 1.5 cm.


40,00 EUR Inland

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Ca. Standort: Russische Förderation, 198332
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